Jim Campbell O.D.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jim Campbell to Frisco Eye Associates! Bringing 26 years of clinical experience in hospital, private and group practice settings to Frisco Eye Associates. Dr. Campbell takes great pride in developing an attentive and problem oriented approach to addressing patient concerns with practical advice in a friendly manner. “Connecting with the patient is key. Before someone is willing to take your advice, they must be willing to trust you. The degree to which you treat a patient with friendship and empathy is equally important to the accuracy of your diagnosis and the quality of your treatment plan.” Dr. Campbell earned his Doctorate of Optometry from The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, where many of his professors wrote optometry text books which are still considered standards in today’s practice. Dr. Campbell is also a certified Adjunct Professor of the Rosenberg School of Optometry“I feel very fortunate to practice here at Frisco Eye Associates. There is such a vast depth of experience among the staff and other doctors. Their friendly nature and the good humored culture here are like working in a brain trust with just the right dash of fun. Each patient is treated with such compassion, expertise and smiles that I am continually impressed by them and grateful to be a part of it.”